Why do iPhones have so many Updates?

Apple Security Keeping your Information Safe

Elijah Christian

Every iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any Apple device has several updates over time. The reason they have so many updates is to fix bugs within the device or to upgrade the security on the device. Even though Apple’s security is very good it still has its flaws. Apple usually has a few security breaches but nothing too serious.

Any device can be hacked but due to the amount of security it gets harder to hack another device. If a big cyber-attack would happen to Apple, the massive security breach would hurt Apple users. Not only would it hurt the people, but it would make Apple bad.

There are several ways to see if your Apple device was hacked. Signs your phone was hacked would be apps appearing you don’t recognize, your phone’s battery is draining faster than normal, or your credit card is used somewhere else. There are a lot of ways to tell. As long as you’re noticing these things, report it or take it to an Apple store to help prevent it from getting worse.

There are other electronic device companies like Android. They are another very popular device company. They also have frequent updates to their devices. They used to be targeted for their software for security breaches. They have updates to fix bugs and to have security increase.

Bluetooth is very known for being easy to hack into. Hackers have found it easier to connect to Bluetooth on devices. If the device trusts that random Bluetooth, they are able to hack your device.