Angelic Yields

Making giving back and doing good a trend.


Kaylee Mejia

With the “Devious Licks” trend going around TikTok, a new trend has arisen called “Angelic Yields”. While the “Devious Lick” trend has people taking everything from pencils to televisions, the “Angelic Yields” trend has people bringing things to school from soap to cash and leaving it in the bathroom or just around the school.

The “Devious Lick” trend began on TikTok as an act of vandalism and theft in schools. Spring Grove became a victim of the trend as some students have stolen things from chargers to soap dispensers.

Outside of the Spring Grove Area School District the vandalism and crimes were even more severe. Examples of items stolen in other districts include: doors, busses, smart boards, televisions, wet floor signs, laptops, desktops, toilet paper, trash cans and cars. With the trend getting out of hand some schools are having only one bathroom open, security guards at all exits and ransoms for confessing who stole said items.

Then arose the newer “Angelic Yields” trend. The trend consists of people bringing, buying, or returning things to the school. The trend was popularized by the user @j. uher7 who captioned the TikTok: “Just hit the most angelic yield👼😇 No more devious licks here 👼😇 #fyp”. In the video @ j. uher7 had brought a roll of toilet paper to the school and left it on top of the toilet.

Another Angelic Yield was made by the user @ssalladd who brought an entire 32 in TV to school in the video and wrote “just hit another entertaining and generous yield 😇📺”. They then captioned the TikTok saying “licked this tv some time ago, decided to make up for it by giving it back to the community.” In the video it shows them taking the television out of its box and leaving it in the bathroom.

The last to be mentioned is user @yrbnelly who wrote in the video “Just hit the most angelic yield 🙄😇” where she left a large stack of cash in a bathroom stall. She captioned the video “Ok now this trend i can take part of 😂 #walmart #weatwalmarttwit #it #tho #angelicyield.”

Since the issue at hand has affected Spring Grove, I decided to meet up with SGAHS principal Dr. Dietrich to discuss the matter.

When the interview first began, I asked him what he would like to see from the entirety of the school. In reply he said, “What I would like to see is everyone treating the school like their home, so we shouldn’t be stealing or vandalizing.”

Furthermore, in my interview with Dr. Dietrich I asked his opinion on Angelic Yields and how some students return things in them – though not to the office, just to the place in which they were stolen. He stated that while the district would like to see items returned, there is no guarantee that proper punishment will not still be assigned.

I asked him since he does not agree with Angelic Yields what he thinks we should do. Here are the 3 things he said we can do to help:

  1. Share with your friends how ridiculous this [Devious Licks trend] is.
  2. Say something. Tell an adult. But stay respectful. No vigilantes.
  3. Make your goal to be better and to encourage others to do the same.


Now, you don’t have to bring something like money to pull an “Angelic Yield”. We are just popularizing doing the right thing. An Angelic Yield doesn’t have to be buying something for the school. Instead, if you pulled a “lick” you can just return what you stole and if you didn’t, then just help others. That’s truly the point of an Angelic Yield.