104-year-old World War II veteran from Alabama has survived COVID-19

Emily Ramsey, News Editor

Major Lee Wooten, a World War II veteran, has been recently released from the hospital after battling COVID-19 just in time to celebrate his 104th birthday.
They gave him a special send off as he left all the workers had lined up down the hallway to sing him happy birthday, he was also known as Pop Pop.
According to CNN affiliate WAFF, Wooten had served overseas in the US Army for years, he would build railroads and he worked on rail cars in Paris in the  940’s.

On the ride home, Wooten’s granddaughter, Holly Wooten McDonald, posted on Facebook about her grandpa’s recovery and she added that he had requested that they stop and get a chocolate milkshake. “ I wish I could have gotten a picture of Pop Pop pulling his mask over his nose to get to that milkshake as fast as
he could,” Holly said. She also added that Wooten would still occasionally have episodes of confusion and fatigue. On Wooten’s 104th birthday the surprises continued throughout that whole week. On Saturday McDonald posted on Facebook that not only was family celebrating his birthday with him but so was friends, neighbors and people in the community, she posted that all that week all of these people from family to the people in the community had participated in a drive-by parade to celebrate. McDonald said probably about 50 car and neighbors had participated in the drive-by, Wooten had been sitting in a chair near an open window waving to them as they passed by.

“Besides beating COVID and being released from the hospital; today was another highlight of his week! I speak for our whole family and friends when I say words can not describe the honor it is to know this man. To be his granddaughter is one of my biggest blessings in life.” Holly posted on Facebook.

Wooten is a Crimson Tide fan and has been for a long-time so after the parade he cheered on the Alabama football team that he loves as they took on the LSU  Tigers. “Just when I think Pop Pop might not know what’s going on as he recovers from COVID; he woke up this morning while waiting for his breakfast and said ‘What channel is football? I want to watch the game!” McDondald had posted on her Facebook this along with a picture of her Pop Pop watching his football.


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