NASA Finished Tests on X-59

NASA Finished Tests on X-59

Jon Winchell, Politics Editor

NASA has recently finished their tests on a part of the “Low Boom Flighty Demonstrator project”, the X59.

      Itself is part of NASA’s Integrated Aviation Systems Program, the X-59 sparks discussions into fast-than-sound flight. This has been something that exited commercial use when the last of the Concorde aircraft were grounded.

     Assembly will be likely be split up into three primary areas: the main fuselage, the wing, and the empennage.

     While the super sonic qualities of the X-59 are the most noticeable feature, it’ll also be a test bed for other advanced features. 

     The External Visibility System (XVS) is a main example of this, a front-facing window and instead use a camera and display system for the pilot.

     Senior NASA management will meet again to send the orders to get the X-59’s first flight, which is likely to take somewhere closer to 2021. 

     Overall, this new flight will see it travel over the continental US, with data and individual feedback to gage the audio profile and help shape rules for future commercial supersonic air travel over land.