A Not So Late Review of Captain Marvel

via Marvel

via Marvel

Millie Haper, Editor in Chief

Captain Marvel, released on Mar 8, 2019, is the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and spoiler alert, it’s a good movie. The movie succeeds as a stand alone film while also being satisfactory to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s canon, which is a strength that a lot of superhero movies fail to succeed at. Marvel has successfully learned how to make a movie good while also giving context to the other films within the franchise, and this strength makes the movie even better.

  Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers, a woman with no memories of her past who has crash landed on earth. Oh, and she has superpowers. The movie follows her fighting her own monsters and intergalactic monsters, and it’s pretty cool.

  The movie is incredibly well shot, the plot is interesting and intriguing, and the soundtrack is killer. There is a fight scene that takes place towards the end of the movie that has No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” playing in the background, and I would personally say that that fight scene is the second best fight scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Only to be trumped by “The Immigrant Song” in Thor Ragnarok). The characters are likable, the concepts are lovely, and you really should just see the film.

  The release of Captain Marvel was met with controversy. Because the film is centered around a female superhero, a lot of people found the movie feministic in nature. While this perception is agreeable, this is not how I perceive the film. The movie is simply a superhero movie that follows a female superhero. Just because a woman in a movie is empowered does not necessarily make it a feminist film. It just makes it a movie.

  The movie feels in the same vein as a lot of the other Marvel movies, but it is just different enough that it feels new. Marvel has been on top of their game lately, and presumably, they are just going up.