Peep on a perch


via wikimedia commons

Paige Little , Staff writer

Peep on a perch is the new holiday trend for the days leading up to Easter. The stuffed peep “magically” appears every morning throughout your home in a new spot everyday.

  The peep is, of course, a stuffed version of the popular Easter candy, Peeps. The set comes with a book that talks about how the Peep assisted the Easter Bunny each year. The book shares the story of the peep and how it helps decorate eggs, and how it fills each basket. It also explains how it will be watching your child’s behavior leading up to Easter.

  The plush Peep is targeted for children ages 3 to 7. The set of both the peep and the book costs around $24.95.

  For kids, the Easter Peep is an amazing opportunity to learn about how important random acts of kindness are. As the story goes, the more kindness the Peep sees, the happier the Peep gets. It’s purpose is to encourage kids to behave, and to help them, understand that the holidays are more than just receiving gifts.