Spring Grove v Palmyra


Paige Little , Staff writer

On February 23, 2019 Spring Grove played against Palmyra. Both were tied with seconds to play. The final score was 43-41.

  During the game there was 0.6 second left. One of the referees blew the whistle and told coach that he did it for no reason and that it was unimportant. So, they put 0.6 second back on the clock leading Palmyra to make a layup causing them to winning the game.

  Spring Grove’s coach, Troy Sowers, said, “It feels like something was stolen from them”.  During the game there were calls that should have been made that would have been fine for the refs to make during the regular season, but they are seen as so crucial for teams that are this far who are trying to get titles for their school.

  Sowers states, “We had a couple situations during this game that I think was just blatant referee calls. When a three pointer hits the wire, that’s not suppose to count so, when all three officials stay they didn’t see it that’s a bad call, this late in the season.”

  He also states, “I never complain about a judgment call but when I have to face my girls in the locker room with those three things happening it feels like something was stolen from them. It’s just not right.”

  Spring grove’s next game is February 26, 2019 at Spring Grove. The team needs this win and is hoping for everyone to come out once again to show their support for the team.