OPINION: Buy Flowers

OPINION: Buy Flowers

Millie Haper, Editor in Chief

  Last year I wrote an article about the importance of writing your significant other love letters for Valentines Day. This year, we look at the bigger picture of Valentine’s Day and what it means to more than just your significant other.

  This Valentines Day I encourage you to buy flowers, and not just for person you are dating, rather for all people you love. I am not encouraging you to buy all of the flowers from the flower shop, rather think outside the box of what you think you need for Valentine’s Day.

  We start with your mother. Buy your mother flowers. Not because she does or does not deserve them but because she is your mother and you love her (presumably). This goes for your father as well. But that is a point for later. The idea is that these are people you see pretty regularly and who you love. You may not be dating them but newsflash: you’re allowed to love people who aren’t your significant other on Valentine’s day. This goes for your friends as well. You have friends that you love, why not let them know you love them and buy them some flowers?

  Flowers are a lovely way of expressing love. They are tiny pieces of life that you are giving to another person. You are entrusting the other person with something precious, showing them you trust them and that you think highly of them.

  Then comes the idealization of what you should buy men. I am under the impression that if the man, same with the women in your life, if they will receive your flowers, by them for them. There is a genre of people, both men and women, who do not wish to receive flowers ever. These people are allowed to have their opinions, however, this should not be a gender based thing. Buy your father flowers if you think he would like them, buy your guy friends flowers if you like.

  There is an inherent bias in the transferral of Valentine’s Day gifts that I no longer will stand for. Buy your friends flowers, buy your boyfriend flowers, buy your mother flowers. And if it isn’t flowers, buy them candy or stuffed animals. Whatever it is, show the people you love that you love them. Valentine’s Day should no longer be a day dedicated to couples, rather all people.