OPINION: Modern Media Mayhem

OPINION: Modern Media Mayhem

Zach MacDonald, Staff Writer

   In the day and age of first world problems, people find themselves bored quite often. Not knowing what to do people often rely on video games or celebrity drama to feed there lack of entertainment. Although it is and outlet for hours upon hours of entertainment it will also portray an unrealistic view of life.

    The Bachelor/Bachelorette is a great show if you want to know how love could feel without actually experiencing it, but it also gives you a false sense of reality. People go on this show for recognition more than true love and they do stuff because they know it is being filmed. In the back of their heads they are thinking of fame. When you, the average citizen, are in a relationship you will soon realize that the show you love (The Bachelor) has been feeding you lies.

    Breaking Bad is another example, it promotes drugs in a somewhat positive way. The show shows how scary drugs could be but also it shows how cool your life could be. In reality, you would be in a coffin where your tombstone print reads: “died of drug abuse” Another thrilling possibility is that you will be locked up in jail for the rest of your life. Your family won’t even have the love to visit you or answer your phone calls.

    On YouTube your favorite channels also give you a false sense of reality. For example, Jake Paul has a program with lessons on how to “become the greatest channel” This program is of course another money making scheme that you have to pay for. Sure, the program teaches you the minimal amount of editing he does and the best camera to use, but it’s a waste of money because in reality most people aren’t going to make a living off of videos of your daily life.

    Video games are good and bad in this instance. In Uncharted 4 you go on crazy adventures and do crazy feats that seem impossible. It is good in the fact that it allows you to “visit” places that you might not ever be able to visit. But it also makes you have the belief that life outside of the game could never be as fulfilling and as breathtaking.

    The fact is when you rely on technology make sure you know that life doesn’t move like a reality TV show and the fact is just because life isn’t like a video game doesn’t mean you should make video games your life.