OPINION: The Way Media Influencers Negatively Impact Our Youth


Kylie Jenner via Creative Commons

Megan Oravitz, Staff Writer

   With a new, and important, wave of female empowerment and self love in today’s society, also comes the dark realities behind what’s being perpetuated.

   Chances are you can list multiple female celebrities with a large internet presence; Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, the list goes on. A quick look on any one of their Instagrams reveals a world of weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants, botox, photoshop and corsets (or as they disguise them, waist trainers).

   These products hurt people of all genders and all ages who are constantly bombarded with these advertisements. Many of them, don’t even have FDA approval and can be physically harming as well.

   I’m not saying we as a society shouldn’t strive to be healthy or happy in our bodies. But, we should not be shamed into this ideal, or put women up on a pedestal if they have a tendency of tearing other women down.

   All of the aforementioned women are accomplished, and deserve respect. We shouldn’t shame them, or try to prohibit them from expressing themselves how they see fit, but we as women in today’s world shouldn’t be afraid of calling other women out if they are part of the problem.

   So what can be done? For starts, not giving these women millions of followers and comments that idolize the harmful behaviors. If more people call them out, recognize the hidden toxicity and turn to celebrities with a better message, the youth will follow.

   Instead of giving celebrities like these an outlet and a voice, the tv space and social media love should be given to people who endorse self respect, without modifications.

  We all have lengths to go before these changes are actually made, but if we all take the small steps, perhaps society as a whole will take a bigger stride.