OPINION: 2018 is Not Over Yet, Stop Acting Like It Is

An open letter to end of the year reviewers

Millie Haper, Editor in Chief

Scrolling through any news related source can lead to two things at the moment, firstly there will be some sort of conversation about Donald Trump, and secondly there will be at least one year in review article. I am strongly against both of these two ideas, but mostly the year in review articles. Here is why.

  It is still 2018 and will be for a little while. Even if the things you are reviewing from this year have already occurred, it is not fair to name things “The Best of 2018” when 2018 is not even over yet. There is a lot that definitely could happen in the next twenty some days that could completely change your list, and it is completely irrational to sit and decide the year is over when we are not even amid the last month. This seems foolish to me.

  It really does not affect anybody if you simply wait a couple of weeks to post your articles about the best albums of 2018. Just because there is a slow week in news does not justify several articles about the best books published and the best songs released, because all of these are completely excluding anything else that could happen this calendar year.

  It is unfair to the little part of 2018 you are excluding when you decide the best parts of 2018 when it is not over yet.