Class of 2023 Best Memories

Bailey O, Writer

Students have made lots of memories during their senior year, 2023. These are just some of the events and memories that have been made.

“For me one of the best moments in my senior year was riding the student section bus to watch the volleyball girls play and singing sweet Caroline.”

“My best moment would have to be, being on homecoming court.”

“One of my favorite moments this year was my senior prom. I don’t remember specific details, I just remember being so happy.”

“Probably for me the best moment during my senior year was the pep rallies, and going to Dunkin after with the girls.”

“I loved my senior year but my best moment would have to be going to the Mini-THON for the last year. It really brings us all together and it made my senior year.”

“I’ve had so many best moments throughout my senior year but to me what stood out was going to Disney with my friends on a class field trip.”

“My best moment was being on prom court and going to prom, nothing mattered and I was so happy.”