Words of Advice to Underclassmen

Gabe Vastardis, Writer

This year, seniors at Spring Grove Area High School will be graduating and moving into a new chapter of their lives. While they will be leaving the school, there are still kids there moving up in grades who need some words of advice or words of encouragement.

Sarah Czapp, a graduating senior who has accomplished a lot while attending Spring Grove, says, “The learning part is what you make out of it, but remember to study. But don’t forget to have fun, whenever you have the opportunity to be a part of something or try something new – do it. Join as many things as possible and stay active. High school was the best years!”

Lawson Measic, a very hard worker, says, “Stay ahead on work.” This is a very good quote to stick by during school, because getting behind can cause all sorts of stress, and ultimately could lead to failing.

Olivia Hale, a former soccer player at Spring Grove, says, “You got this! No matter what highschool will throw at you, you can do it. Make it to the stage.”

The last piece of encouragement is from Nathaniel Alexander, who says, “It starts to go by really fast, so take it all in while you’re still here.” This advice is good to live by during any year of your high school days.