REVIEW: Super Mario Maker 2 v. 2

REVIEW: Super Mario Maker 2 v. 2

Zach Macdonald, Opinion Editor

Mario Maker 2 has been out for almost 5 months now, and after 475 plus hours on the game I think I’m qualified to write a follow up. MM2 is better than I could have imagined after first seeing the commercials. Although it blew my expectations out the roof, it also has many problems that need to be fixed. 

     MM2 sold 2 million copies in the first 3 days of the release. If we compare this to MM1, MM2 has already sold half of MM1’s lifetime sales. So sales wise the game is doing outstanding. The one thing many people thought was going to be a good addition to the game is the story mode. The story mode isn’t anything special in my opinion, the levels do a good job at introducing the new mechanics but, the level design is lacking and can be boring. Story mode isn’t completely useless because after playing through the “story line” you unlock the builder suit and the superball flower. 

     The endless mode is fun as always and the only thing that could be changed is the amount of lives you start with maybe add five lives to each difficulty.

     If you have a creative mind this game can be addictive, there are so many items and blocks to use in unlimited ways so if you can tap your creative ideas and use them in a fun way the game won’t get old. I have made and uploaded 16 levels that are all very fun and the amount of people that play the levels really shows, there something heartwarming when you see a player comment or like your level. If you find yourself bored you can try to join some MM2 teams. Being part of a team involves playing a certain amount of the teams levels or making one for the team.

      On December 5 Nintendo released version 2.0 and the new items/enemies/features are awesome, the additions include the master sword from Legend of Zelda which is a whole new power up that makes you turn into link. You have many new moves including, throwable bombs, a bow and arrow, a sword, and a shield. Links moveset is completely overpowered and will be interesting to incorporate in levels. The new enemies include Spike and Pokey, Spike regurgitates hug spike balls and throws them in the direction of Mario. Pokey is an adjustable height enemy that walks on the ground at a slow pace. The new blocks include frozen coins, p-blocks, and dash blocks. Frozen coins are blocks that once contacted by a fireball or potabo’s, p- blocks are two state blocks that change from interactable blocks to walk through blocks after hitting a p-switch. The last notable change are dash blocks which once run on boosts your speed to that of a F-1 car. Other changes include slight maker point adjustments and a new mode, Ninji speedruns, which is a course made by Nintendo that is made to optimize and see who can get the best time beating it by the end of the week.

      Now after the praise I gave to this game I can talk about the much needed fixes. To start off I do not consider glitches in MM2 to be a bad thing (of course Nintendo thinks differently) the glitches in MM2 are not intrusive to game play, they are just weird mechanics and lack of game testing on Nintendo’s part. Plus some of the glitches can be used in level and be laughable when you encounter them. 

     The two real problems are trash levels and multiplayer co-op and vs. There was always a problem with “hot garbage” courses in MM1 and I have to say there are a lot less five year old making terrible levels that require an invisible star to beat, but the problem is still there. Nintendo has a reputation at being slow at accepting trends in gaming. Something they are still lagging behind at is online capabilities, the online gameplay in MM2 the servers are extremely laggy to the point where after 30 seconds irl is only one second in game. This is an extreme issue, Nintendo needs to strengthen servers so playing together isn’t so annoying.

     Overall MM2 is a great game and there are only a few problems that I see with the game in its current state. I believe that maybe new content to the game would be nice but it’s a relatively new game and it is good how it is currently.