Basketball overlook for 2018 and 2019 season


Paige Little , Staff Writer

Addyson Wagman, freshman at Spring Grove, is currently a point guard and shooting guard for the Girls Varsity Basketball team. Addyson plays along with her sister Haley Wagman who is currently a Junior. Addyson and Haley are both incredible ball handlers and amazing defensive players.  

 “Everyone is really supportive towards me and they all are always encouraging me every step of the way,” said Addyson.

  Since Addyson is a freshman on the varsity team she goes on by saying that she loves to be able to have fun and play with all of her teammates.

  Along with Addyson and Haley Wagman, Brooklyn Naylor, senior, Ellie Glass, junior, Lexi Hoffman, junior, Hannah Gartrell, junior, Hylin Sorrell, junior, Ella Kale, sophomore, and Lindsey Naylor, freshman, are all of the varsity players for 2018 and 2019.

  This team practices 12 hours a week and their stats show. This team is currently 3-0 after defeating York high, New Oxford, and Red Lion.

  The team states, “We have to take on one game at a time, we can’t keep looking ahead, every game is going to be a battle.”

  The team moto is to stay humble and work hard and when watching a Spring Grove game you can tell they mean this.

  Troy Sowers, head coach, also sees a lot of potential in the team. Sowers states, “All of our girls could probably lead the team in scoring in any game”

  “That’s going to put a lot of pressure on the other teams on who they want to stop.” He goes on by saying, “The work ethic that they’ve had so far in practice is great.

  It’s a fun group to work with. They’re hungry to win. They were successful last year and they just want to get to the next level.”

  The team has a lot of potential for this season with their dedication and hard work. Every girl on the team will push each other and themselves and they will all work for their teams success.