Trying to get the perfect picture is harming nature


Paige Little , Staff writer

  Horseshoe Bend, located in Page, Arizona, used to be where locals would go to see an amazing sight of the Colorado River. However, this spot has now been transformed into one of the biggest tourist attraction.

  If you look at satellite images of Horseshoe Bend you will see a drastic change from what it once looked like. In 1992, the trail that leads to the river is an empty dirt path. When you look at the current images you will see two giant parking lots overflowed with cars and buses.

  Yes, it is a beautiful sight and people do want to see it but, most people come to this location so that they can get the perfect picture for social media. Social media platforms have been making huge impacts on the world we live in today.

  Social media is impacting the way we wear clothes, what we eat, and now it is affecting where we travel. Horseshoe Bend is one of the greatest hidden natural treasures across America and, it has essentially become too popular for its own good.